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1. Beat an akatsuki member before anybody else 2. Mastered medical ninjustu in 3 years 3. Lied to Naruto for his own good 4. tried to take on Sasuke even though she knew she wasn't going to win 5. yeah she cried out for Naruto during the pain fight bc he was the only one who was going to beat pain 6. healed the whole shinobi alliance 7. mastered the regeneration 100 healing justu at 16 and helped fight madara 8. when naruto lost the nine tails she kept him alive long enough to revive him. 9. She punched kaguya into naruto and sasuke sealing to win the war 10. The most loyal girl in history to love the same guy no matter how much he abused her, made fun of her, turn into the world's most wanted, and almost killed her....but still love him...I don't care how stupid she is for that but I wish my girlfriend loved me that much!!
THANK YOU! I get that she was totally useless in the original series, but I'm only about 50 eps into Shippuuden and I can't understand how people still think she's useless! She's amazing!
You know how it goes, once a girl gets annoying or shows one sign of being useless the people got to bash her for the rest of the series and no matter how many times she was helpful they will ignore it and continue to hate because they are dumb. 馃槃
I think people just think she is useless because in the beginning she was always being saved by someone. Some people don't want to accept the fact that she later got stronger and very useful in the medical field. Personally, Sakura's not my favorite character but I don't hate her and thinks she's completely useless.
I'll admit only naruto could've taken on nagato because they were both jiraiyas students if anyone else had faced him it would've destroyed some of the plotline in shippuden
@TiannaColeman @RoronoaLuffy you'll say she useless but I don't here a reason
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