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Deck the halls 10: What character(s) do you want to spend Christmas with?
Hey guys! For today the question is who would you want to spend Christmas with?
My answer would be... The entire fairy tail guild! They are just all about Nakama and that's more or less what Christmas is about too and I think it would just be awesome to chill with Natsu and the gang on Christmas! Just look at the fun they seem to be having haha
That's it for today! Don't forget to comment your answers or, if your feeling the Christmas spirit, to create a card with your response! And also go follow the Deck the Halls Collection!
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How fun would it be to spend Christmas with the Fairy Tail guild. Things would Get so crazy not to mention the girls in all their holiday outfits.
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So true haha but yea dude!! @TylerDurso
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