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Admit it.

Everyone takes compliments differently -- or they don't take them at all. We live in a society where people love to throw shade, sometimes we can't really tell if a compliment is truly a compliment. Deciphering a genuine compliment from someone throwing shade your way can be rather intimidating because you don't know whether you should say thank you or refute their comment. I've learned over the years that saying thank you is always your best bet because at the end of the day your winning, whether they were truly complimenting you or not. I remember in college when I was overweight any comment anyone ever gave me, I would back it up with a negative comment about myself because I simply didn't know how to say thank you and keep it moving. I thought of compliments as a way of people trying to make you feel good about yourself by telling little white lies. I later realized that the real issue lied within myself and it had nothing to do with the people giving me the compliments.
We all have our days when we feel like trash -- and in our eyes we might even look like it too, but that doesn't mean that everyone else perceives us in the same light. When you love yourself whether you're having a good day or a bad day, you'll know how to receive and give a compliment in return. Just because someone gives you a compliment doesn't always mean that they're fishing for one too. Take the compliment, say thank you and carry on. It's simple, but we tend to make things super hard. When you truly love yourself, a simple compliment will make you smile and you won't have to go back on what the person said because you will agree. Although this is a rather serious topic, leave it up to our favorite girl Amy Schumer to create a skit that took such a topic and made it humorous. Keep scrolling and see just how ridiculous we look when we don't know how to say thank you when someone throws a genuine compliment our way. Disclaimer: the video below is a bit brash with slight language, so be prepared.

Do you know how to take a compliment?

I love you words... video tad bit extreme but I get your advice...馃槂馃槈
Lmfao, no, I'm kidding! I'm okay with compliments, as long as a big deal isn't made about it. Just like with gifts haha I know this is going to sound weird, but I like giving gifts, but if you're overly... Celebratory over it, then I don't like giving YOU gifts anymore. Just, I don't know, give me a hug, and a genuine smile, say thanks or whatever, and drop it haha This customer and her daughter once complimented me for 5 minutes straight and even talked to my manager about me, giving me further compliments and stuff, all for doing my job and helping them. I literally was hoping they would shut up haha just say, "You speak very differently than most your age." Then I'll say "You are most gracious." and we'll move on with our lives XD
Thank you!!! And the video was def out there lol but it had a slight message @jazziejazz
I do the same at times @atmi I think it's a habit
What's a compliment? 馃槶馃槶
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