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So this morning I was roaming around YouTube when I saw the 'BTS explains Run mv' and clicked it. The moment the camera zoomed up to Jimins beautiful smiling face, I saw my baby Taemin. Honestly Jimin looks more like Taemin to me. I really don't understand why or how I see Taemins face but... I do
Just in case you guys wanted to see the video, not like you probably haven't seen it lol.
@nnatalieg That is also true. I guess we can never escape the baby that is Taemin.
I think it is his lips and nose that resemble Taemin
@DestinaByrd Lol the smile and the lips got me first, but the way he acts and speaks sometimes just blows me away with Taemin.
@DestinaByrd Thank god im not the only one.
I don't see it 😐😐😐 but Jimin oppa And Jungkook has been growing 😭 you know hitting puberty really hard and I'm still looking like a jamless potato πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
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