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This series is where I pick two fictional characters from anything, list off their feats and abilities then, decide on who I think would win based off of the facts. I wanted to kick this season of HUGE and anime's most well known and powerful character against comics most well known and powerful character. Granted both of these characters are not the most powerful from there verse's but, they are both known to be. Goku isn't able to get the job done so, I'm gonna list off Saitama's feats and see if he can get the job done. Also I apology for the delay I've been busy with getting my military stuff done.
Combatant one: Saitama Said to kill anything in one punch. Killed a powerful monster made of water with a punch... somehow! Flipped the ground on top of an enemy and used the rubble as weapons by punching them. The wind from his punch leveled a landscape. Swims underground and catches a groundmole... just because. Punches a sea king and stops the rain by doing so. Beats a telepath. Punches a planet buster out of his face and causes the skies to divide across the planet. Kills a city sized being that leveled cities with the force of his hand in one punch also, took a hit like it was nothing. Punches through a meteor that took a nuke unscathed. Headbutted someone's arm off. Takes a hit that knocked him into the moon and just jumps back. Shatters a sword with his teeth. Survives city level fire blasts with ease. Dodges a light speed slash (maybe it's light speed and maybe it's not) also, is unimpressed with Sonic's speed of sound. Fast enough to create afterimages and run so fast that Genos needs to use his cyborg vision to lock on. Good eyesight.
Combatant two: Superman Lifts 200 quintillion tons with one arm. Lifted Spectre of the ground with the help of WonderWoman. (Spectre weighs eternity) Held up a book with infinite pages with the help of Shazam. Benched the weight of earth for five days then said and I quote "that's all you got?" Travels from Vega to earth in a matter of minutes. (Vega is 25 light years from earth) Flown through a red sun. Tanked 50x a supernova. Tanked a hit from the omega beams. (capable of destroying anything it touches) Punched a hole through the phase wall. (basically reality) Patched up a hole in space with static electricity. Held a black hole in his hand. Pushed the sun away from earth. Heat vision hotter than the sun and he can lobotomize someone's brain and destroy it. Master at kryptonian martial arts and even knows pressure points. Frost breath and tornado breath. Enhanced senses capable of scaling galaxies. Flight. Super intellect.
WINNER: Superman Saitama is powerful but, Superman's feats scale way higher! Two of the factors to this victory is his lobotomy and definitely his speed, in my opinion Saitama is light speed but, Superman is millions of times faster than that. Superman also is a master at a martial art while, Saitama is just really powerful. The main reason why Superman takes this is because of Saitama's punch if, Saitama's punch does kill anything he chooses Superman has survived a hit from the omega beams which already do that also, if his punch is power scaled Superman has survived 50x a supernova. Oh and just to piss of the biased DB fans I've encountered on here, what's a Goku to these two?
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Saitama =win
@OGv6FATE u know voidx
@Emmeronsage Kinda from one card.
oh well u should check out his thing