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I haven't really been in the Christmas mood (freaking pms...), but I'm sure by the end of the day things will be better. My cousin got me a Bambam poster (thanks @OliviaZenger), but that's all I know, I'm looking forward to that!
@MyalsNotSexy u must b out west. send some my way!!! maybe i'll be in the Christmas spirit then.
@Kieuseru there is like 7 ft of snow where I live
Merry Christmas! Even though I really haven't been in the mood either...but I think mine is because it doesn't look like Christmas! I'm used to having at least a foot of snow on the ground and temps in the teens! Not rain, wind, and temps in the 40s, pushing 50!
Merry Christmas Eve and Day sorry I haven't been on lately I've been sick for the past week and just now getting to where I feel a little bit better
merry christmas 馃挓
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