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yo....ppl r crazy...ive never done this but as a ARMY I want to apologize still, these winderful men work so hard so we can fangirl and all we be doin is pissing them off! this needs to stop and we not to support BTS!! no make them tired of us....
@DestinaByrd oh yes, obviously they felt uncomfortable reading them, and I would too. people shouldnt post inappropriate things, especially on bts's main accounts
@moonchild03 nae exactly
@moonchild03 nae but wouldn't it be awkward
they didn't express anger, but a fan did ask suga if they read comments on their bombs and he said they used to, but due to so many inappropriate comments they stopped reading them and then he joked with the fan asking her if she was one of them Lol
could you explain when and where did they express anger over this? I haven't heard anything about this.
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