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This move upstate has been hard enough on me let alone the holidays without my family and friends. I feel another move (back home) coming soon. I moved to stay close with my parents but I have to admit..This is the lonliest holiday i've ever spent... this country life in the middle of nowhere is just not for me...I'm tired of being their third wheel... I miss philadelphia and All of the wonderful people i left back there.. It sucks to be "homesick" when im technically home. . .
I totally understand!!! At least you'll be with your parents, better than being alone 💁🏽 hang in there and thank you! Likewise :)
@jordanhamilton Thank you tons!!, i am staying positive and lookng forward to dinner with my parents..just so used to being surrounded by loved ones..and happy holidays to you and your family!!
I hope that you are filled with happiness and cheer despite the feeling of being homesick. joy comes in the morning :) wishing you the best this holiday!