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Despite the endless fight about how to eat pasta--with a spoon or not--this gorgeous food presentation is a YES! for me.
Created by Toronto-based restaurant and catering company, Oliver & Bonacini, this hors d'oeuvre is all about dynamite taste with equally compelling visual presentation. Pasta, sauce and mozzerella never looked so mph-tastic and mouth watering.
If you want a little pasta as part of your wedding eats, but don't want a pasta dinner, then opt for something passed around like this. Pasta, in general, is an excellent comfort food. And when it comes to cocktail hour, you want something comforting to balance the intake of booze. Plus, you want to whet your guests appetite for the main course.
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I don't know yet. eventually
this is super cool With me being Italian This Would Be perfect
Ok cool. it'll happen. keep me posted @veronicaartino
Awesome @VeronicaArtino Glad you love this. When are you tying the knot? :)