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The Fight to Define Childhoods

This is a Death Battle between Digimon and Pokemon.

Specifically, between Tai and Agumon/Greymon and Red and Charizard.
I won't reveal the ending, but I gotta say, I liked the way they boiled it down.
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I've love pokemon since I was a child but I do agree with their statement: pokemon is more like slaves compared to the digimons. The killing, on the other hand, makes me determined to stick with pokemon...
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@maldonadosonia1 all's fair in love and war, right?
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@Baoyl well if you encountered someone who was making their animals fight like a slave wouldn't you do all you could to stop it, like Tai?
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Every result of DEATH battle ends in someone dying...so why should the result in this one be any different? Also I knew Agumon was gonna win like no shit what does Charizard have on a Terra Force? xD
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