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Whoever makes these types of memes and those who believe in them, you're wrong. First of all being an otaku doesn't mean you have to watch millions of different animes, being an otaku means you being overly obsessed with a certain thing so if someone only watches Naruto (or any other anime) and is obsessed with it then they're an otaku. Their love for one anime just means they don't care for other animes 😐 leave them alone, then you wonder why some people call other anime fans weeaboos but some of them don't know the real meaning (not going to go into that)
For example in Ouran High School Host Club as you know (or can see) the boys are calling Renge an otaku and she only plays one video game and is overly obsessed over it so this proves that you don't have to play/watch/read more than one type of thing to be an otaku. Unless the person says " I'm an otaku for all Japanese anime/manga/ video games" (or something along those lines) and they only watch one anime then you can say something to them but if they say "Im an otaku" (or something along those lines) then leave them alone because they're obsessed for that one thing. lol I just wanted to defend the people that get attacked for watching one anime and being a otaku over it :) and plus I think real otakus wouldn't know they're otakus anyway *I watch a lot of anime πŸ™‚*
BYE-BYE πŸ‘‹πŸΎπŸ™‚
Yeah I agree I hate to see that there's such a division as this. There's nothing wrong with only watching naruto, fairy tail bleach or one piece. If someone loves those and obsesses over those there's nothing wrong with that
time to learn indeed