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On days like today (Christmas Eve) I'm usually wrapped up (no, seriously) in holiday preparations. I'm baking pies with mom, or cleaning the house, or wrapping presents. But not everyone has this privilege. The Trade Union Congress collected data from 2010, that found that over 172,00 people in the U.S. work on December 25. They also estimate that number has gone up 78% in the past years. This card is for those individuals working on the holidays, away from their families and festivities.

Law Enforcement

Someone had to protect us from the bad guys while we sit in our homes drinking egg nog and open gifts.

Nurses and Doctors

Because accidents happen during the holidays too. And not everyone is healthy enough to be home.

Military Personnel

Spending time away from your family during the holidays is hard. It's even harder in a war zone.
And to everyone else working on the holidays... Thank you for working and taking time away from your families. I hope you have a happy holiday despite the separation.

Are you or someone you love working on the holiday?

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Thank you to you and your families for working on the holidays. @Starbell808 @felicityautumn @CelinaGonzalez I hope you get some family time despite your work schedule @VeronicaArtino :D
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It's the worst really @ButterflyBlu :( I was able to see my dad for christmas this year though!
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yes I almost had to go in on xmas but at the last minute the doctor decided to have the pot come in on Saturday so it was nice.
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yes it really sucks for those who have to work although I didn't have to work myself. back in the day the whole country would shut down on major holidays except for essentials like police, fire, health, air traffic etc. anyone think we should return to that??
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I'm so with you @misterE ✊🏼
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