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"The time you spent outside of Italy is wasted time."
@carlosdang Thank you so much. ♥ I was, but fortunately, I'm not that far away (could be worse than 16 hour drive). Oh, my god. I'm sure you do. You're so far away, it can't be easy. It's good that their health seems to be alright. :) Oh, yes! That's good. :D
@YinofYang , ah, I'm glad she's doing ok (apparently even better than ok, haha) now. You must be really worried when she fell ill. I get super paranoid when things like that happen to my parents too, even though it's always trivial illness. And I feel bad not being to be there to take care of them since I'm abroad. Thankfully they always turn up "cooking up a storm and cleaning" like you say, haha.
@carlosdang She suddenly fell very ill, which is why I had to leave town unexpectedly for two weeks. She's definitely much better now (had an infection and she didn't realize it). She was cooking up a storm and cleaning by the time I left Texas. @shoenami Thanks, sis. That's true, right!
Whoa, your mother has some health problem? @YinofYang Is it anything serious?
No wonder she's feeling better ;D Anderson sure knows how to make people feel good.. <3
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