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We all know Tinder, the dating app that has literally made romance into a simple swipe left or right. @jordanhamilton and @AlloBaber have made some pretty epic tinder fail cards if you need a refresher on the dating app!
And as crazy as Tinder is, something pretty amazing just happened; TWO SCIENTIST HAVE MATCHED IN ANTARCTICA! Which in case you didn't know, has pretty much no people.
A scientist (whose name is not disclosed so he can't get in trouble for using the internet for Tinder) was bored one day and signed up "for fun." After expanding the milage since no one popped up, our Arctic scientist found anther scientist working a 45 minute helicopter ride away!

And yes, they totally met up.

Apparently it was fun, but short lived because our female scientist had to leave the next day. But all hope is not lost, he says that theres a pretty good chance that their paths will cross again in the arctic tundra!
I would hate to live in Antarctica lol
Thanks Liz!!! I'm living vicariously through others until the time comes lol
@jordanhamilton you are such a romantic !!! I love it gahaha @alywoah omg I knowwww way too many layers. I heard a lot of the science places up their have cages for people to lock themselves in in case of a polar bear attack. I'm good on that thank you very much
This is perfect!!! Wishing them happiness in the future and hopefully they will cross paths again.
This is actually so cute... What was the pickup line "wait, you're on my continent, I'm on your continent!!" we should get drinks at my iglooo (I kid I kid)
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