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Thanks to @PrettieeEmm for making the challenge and being the first to tag me. Thanks to @KellyOConnor @KwonOfAKind and @Helixx for tagging me and reminding me. Without Further ado are my results

1. The company I belong to.

First group to pop up on my shuffled playlist. Shinee.
2. My boyfriend is Taemin. A little young for me but love does not know age. He is dreamy especially with the purple hair. Oh my goodness he has pretty lips.


3. My boyfriend and I met in a lab for a virtual reality product. Later I'm begging him to come back home.

2ne1- Come back Home

4. Tablo is trying to come between me and Taemin. I do not know how his wife and daughter feel about this. Personally I just think he is giving me fatherly advice about my concern over the age difference between me and my honey. But my honey thinks something more is going on.

Tablo- Dear TV. (one of my favorite songs ever)

5. My best friend is the cutie Sandeul. We bonded over photography. His smiles bring me joy and he's always got a listening ear for this noona.

B1A4- Baby I'm sorry

6.) Taemin dedicated one of his own songs to me. He would be right I am Dangerous. Though he is more Dangerous to my fragile heart.

Shinee- Dangerous

7. I dedicated back to him a song that is so suggestive. Oh I might be in trouble later for putting our business out there. I am sure he got a good ribbing from his hyungs. I mean he is too cute. Who wouldn't want to take a bite out of him.

BOA- Eat You Up

8. Well we've been dating nine years almost ten now. I mean it was tested with my concern for the age difference. But now it is the year (I have to make it a future date or I feel like a pedo). We met this year 2015 and started dating.

Seungri- Gotta Talk to You

9. The first song we danced to our wedding was Crooked. We needed to turn up our wedding reception. I'm sure this is an ominous outlook for the many roller coaster in out relationship

GDragon- Crooked

10.We have one beautiful child...because I'm getting up in my age. Let me be honest we probably made the baby to this song. Thank you Jay Park.

Jay Park - Mommae

11. We named our Child Tiffany. He couldn't be more wrapped around her finger. He treats her like a princess and dotes on her. We share our love of music with her.

Girls Generation- Gee

It was so random I had to look up the original challenge card xD I'll do this later when I got the time and battery life~ xD
Lmao OMG mommae would xD lol. That made me laugh in the darkness of my living room xD. Thank you for the tag but I already did mine lol.
I have a feeling my list is going to be very unique since I'm basically using a rock station to use as the challenge... XD
Man I gotta do one of these now. I love your results.
I love tablo but I love that he has such a happy family and that he loves his daughter and wife. he is still one of my faves though and that is why he is on almost all my playlist including all non kpop playlists
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