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lovebug challenge

Hello! My name is Haley! I'm 19 (going to be turning 20 in January). I'm currently in College. I live in Massachusetts. I have two dogs, a cat, and a horse. I'm a makeup enthusiast, fashionist, anime lover, kpop lover, animal lover, and someone who is always looking for more friends. I can be shy at first, but crazy later on.
my celebrity crush is Jimin from BTS. I just love his personality and he always tries his best! I'm really attracted to his arms (his abs are a bonus too) and his sense of humor. he's a goofball, and I love that.
I am currently in a relationship! I don't really k know what else to say.... whenever I'm in a relationship I tend to be a hopeless romantic. I fall in love really easily.
my perfect partner.... hm.... someone who is loyal... doesn't betray my trust... has a sense of humor.... is interested in traveling... laid back.... a hopeless romantic... someone like that. I don't want to ask for much, just someone who will make me laugh every day j guess ^~^ anyways~ it's nice to meet all of you! I hope we can all be friends!
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