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I was tagged by @nicolejb! This challenge was created by @felicityautumn and now it's my turn ^^ thank you @nicolejb for the tag :D
Here's the challenge: 1. Create a card where you talk about your family traditions or celebrations for the holidays. 2. Include at least two images. 3. Tag your Vingle buddies so they can participate!
Of course, since I come from a Mexican family, there must be tamales! That's a tradition in our family alongside with beans, rice, enchiladas/chilaquiles, sodas, etc. I don't have a picture right now so please enjoy the tamale process cx
We don't put up a Christmas tree but we love having a fire in the chimney! Please excuse the lion and tiger heads, those are my mother's decorations (she loves cats any type of cat (she loves the wildlife)). Hahah but a fire goes well with champurrado or hot chocolate ^^
The last, but most important thing, is when we all get together. The family bond is the most important above all. Thank you for reading and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!
I'll challenge you: @AlloBaber, @VinMcCarthy, @poojas, @paulisadroid And of course anyone who wishes to participate! ^^
Right on! Go team tamales!! 😂😁
Omg your mom is so awesome for having that tiger statue!! haha your family sounds awesome :)