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Hey everybody! :)
Lovebug @AlloBaber here!! Hope everyone's been having a lovely Christmas eve so far :) I wanted to ask you all for a little advice.
Even though I love giving love advice, once in a while I have a question about my own love life that I'm not so sure about. Maybe it's one of those things where it's impossible to take your own advice, or something like that... anyways.
So as you guys might know, a few weeks ago I started dating this guy that I've been crazy about for some time now. And things are seriously amazing. I'm so in love, and I've really never felt this way about anyone else. We'll see where it ultimately goes. I have my hunches, but, you know...
Anyway, that's not suuuper relevant. My question is more related to this.
So I'm a really loving person, and I love to express how I feel about those I love – through little gestures, words, hugs and kisses... I mean, since we're doing long distance now, it's primarily through words.
But I think I'm just a tiny bit more expressive than my boyfriend is. And so sometimes I feel like I'm way cutesier and more loving than he is – or at least, more openly so. I know he cares as much as I do, I'm not worried about that – but sometimes I'm worried I'm just too open with my feelings.
Do you guys think that's possible? I mean, is it possible to be TOO loving? Too caring? Too open with expressions of affection?
I mean, I don't do anything CRAZY, lol or call him any stupid nicknames, etc. etc. It's just more like I like to tell him how handsome he is, how excited I am to see him soon, how crazy I am about him... can that be too much? Is it important to be more guarded about your emotions when you're just starting a relationship?

What do you guys think?

I'd be really grateful to get some opinions on this. Looking forward to reading your responses :) And thank you in advance!!
@AlloBaber To be honest, I don't think there is anything wrong with being a bit loving but you just have to be careful and not get to comfortable when it comes to a relationship that is just starting. However, have you talked to him about it? Has he said anything about it? If not well then great but like I said just be careful & talk to him. Overall, don't let anyone change you and never change for anyone. Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful merry Christmas and a happy New Years!! ❤️
If the loves not being reciprocated in the same manner, than yes. If the amount of love is equal than there's never such a thing as being too long because it's coming from parties.
Trust your instinct. It'll have taken into account your perception of his reactions to it ;-) If your gut feeling is you need to pull it back/tone it down a little, do that. If it's your head over thinking it but on gut level it sits well with you, I'm sure it's fine. Alternatively & it usually saves lots of confusion, go straight to the source of your uncertainty and ask him how he feels about it. :-)
I agree with all the above... my take on it is don't expect too much too soon. give as much as you think is necessary to give, just make sure you're not the only one giving
My pleasure^^Enjoy the love you have and hope you the BEST ♡
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