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Yup, I said it.. I have a best friend. It totally pains my soul to say because I'm not into that cliche lol but she gets to ride with the title. She has been my friend for about 5 years. Our birthday's are about a week apart. She is like my evil twin and I am surprised to find someone that can trump me at times lol. Thus a beauty successful sarcastic friendship developed.
She has actually been there for me more than some of my friends I have locally. She has talked me down from hurting myself (living with kidney disease is not easy) she has put me first. It's strange to say, but when someone is willing to hear you rant to cry to fall asleep on the floor with food while on Skype due to medication (true story) lol. You know that person is extremely special. Here boyfriend dub us to be each other's wifey which is absolutely funny because my boyfriend agrees! Which their birthdays are a week apart too lol. We are all the same age lol. My "wifey" and I share the same and our boyfriend share the same . So right now it's Christmas already there and she is actually a gift a friend I would never trade in. She stepped with me through my transplant Eventhough she was not physically here. She see me looking crazy, I am that comfortable to let her see what the hell is going on at the hospital. I know a lot about her and she knows a lot about me. Which is also extremely awesome. I learned how to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. Also random slang . I can't wait until I visit or she gets out here first! We already have everything planned! festivities
My Christmas gift is my kidney transplant but also to have an amazing friend that stuck with me through it. Before and after! She brought to my attention that I am still great before and after the surgery, so I'm improving and I thank her for that So Merry Christmas to you my friend! Good Arvo!
Yup excited that she might be coming up in a few months!
@LAVONYORK I agree with @InPlainSight she's quite pretty... and a good friend too. A double dose of wonderful.
@LAVONYORK Don't forget to wish her Happy Australia Day....she's a cutie
@InPlainSight I swear I just texted her to ask if its Australia day lol
Thank you! I cherish her friendship so much!
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