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Hello guys its time and were back for chapter 10 of the "Im So sorry But I Love You" Fanfic . . If you are new here click >Here< for Chapter 1 If you missed last chapter please click >Here< to read it
*Days pass and you still haven't caught any sight of Jiyong* *TOP comforts you on the couch as time passes by* *Even though they surround you you heart still feels lonely* *The sound of rain echos throughout the house as TOP shifts in his seat before getting up* TOP: Y/N....
*TOP nevoursly laughs to himself, before rubbing the back of his head* TOP: It's quite cold, would you like any tea, coffee, hot coco.... *You look up at him and you eyes are still red from crying, the sight of you like this causes TOPs voices to trail of before it falls completely silent* Y/N: TOP... *TOP is frozen looking at you* Y/ coco TOP: ..... Y/N: hot chocolate, I'd like the hot chocolate please TOP: Oh right, of course
*TOP hurries to the kitchen leaving you in the living room alone* *TOP looks through the cabinets for the mugs* *Once he find then he goes to grab the coco powder* *Faster, quicker he tells him self* *TOP beings to spill the ingredients throughout the kitchen* *Once he's finished he grabs the mugs and walks out of the kitchen to reunite with you*
TOP: one daily dose of Hot chocolate for Y/N *you begin to laugh, this is the first since you and TOP had last been at the hospital* TOP: *teasing* what's so funny Y/N: it's just that.....I've use you've got a little some thing on you face TOP: What.... *TOP reaches to his face binding coco powder on it and replaces it back in your nose* Y/N: Hey!! TOP: What I just thought it would look better on you Y/N: Oh really.... *You get up going into the kitchen*
*TOP stays behind for a moment before following you* TOP: what are you up- *TOP is cut off by a gust of coco powder hitting his face* Y/N: gotta cha *you chuckle running away* *TOP grabs the coco power begin and begins to chase you, this leads up to a Coco battle brawl*
*The powder begins to run low and you and TOP are on opposite sides of the counter* *TOP chases you around the table one final time before slipping on the loose power* *you rush over to him* Y/N: oppa are you okay...I'm- *He pulls you down to him* Y/N: OPPA~ *TOP begins the laugh* TOP: you know Y/N we really shouldn't be like this *Your heart races and you turn your face to look at TOP* TOP: I this rate how'd you expect us the actually drink the hot chocolate... *You begin to chuckle*
*You get up dusting the powder off of your clothes* Y/N: I dont know about you but I think im going to start cleaning this up *You smirk at him before leaving the room to get the broom from the closet*
*TOP stands up a begins to look around the kitchen finding the broom in by the refrigerator* TOP: Y/N *He gains no response* TOP: Y/N, I found it *Once again he gains no response so he sets off to look for you in the house*
TOP: Y/N, I thought we were finished with our game *TOP goes up stairs to look for you* TOP: If you're trying to scare me it's not going to work *TOP reaches yours and Jiyong's bedroom, knocking before entering* *TOP slowly pushes the door open, noticing no one's in there. Before turning on the lights* TOP: Y/N?
*TOP spots a photograph on the floor peeking under the bed* *He pulls it out, before returning to his standing position* *It's a photo of you* *He's smiles at it before turning to place it on dresser* *He begins to walk out the room but returns to retrieve the picture placing it in his pocket before a sparkling item catches his eye* *It's a CD, TOP picks it up starting at it before reading the words placed on it* TOP: Annyeong....

Thats it for today guys!!

What food fight team are you on Team Pancakes (Jiyongs team) or Team Coco Powder (TOPs team) (If you comment I'll tag you for the next update :P) . . TBH i wanted to update earlier today but i got stuck in traffic !! AHHHH lol
@Maddie27 @AnnieGoodman @KeziahWright @ElleHolley @DawanaMason @QueenLele @VeronicaArtino @catchyacrayon @CarenBoykins [Tagging everyone who commented on last chapter, just let me know if you dont want to be tagged anymore :)]
@bbyitskatie Well your in luck I believe its been about 5 DAYS since the last update!! So the next chapter will be upon us extremely soon!!
team pancakes
Team Coco!!! ♡ 😍 gaaahh cant wait for the other chapter God bless your soul child ...
I would go with both. I'd have fun either way. Plus it would be an experience that I would treasure for the rest of my life.
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