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I have heard that it rains for around 100 days in London. As much as I love the rain, I don't think I can withstand the depression that it brings.
My city in the USA has either the lowest or second lowest number of sunny days each year....but at least its not always raining!
@carlosdang No, I couldn't imagine being soaked for so many days of the year. (-_-) That just sounds seriously unappealing. Now this party you mention, with the beach and sunny weather. I am up for that. XD Hahaha! If I come to South Korea, we'll have to hang out for sure. (^_^)
That must have have been an incredible experience... I cannot even imagine. I don't blame you for that preference... My family says the same about the culture and history. Europe has preserved its history so well.
I lived in Paris for 6 months and traveled around the continent for a month after that. I'm writing about my time in Europe here but I'm a bit too lazy these days to update this: To be honest, if I can live anywhere on earth, it would be Europe. So much history and beauty and art and people to discover.
Have you been anywhere else in Europe?? and I will! I look forward to it and hope it works out as I have planned.
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