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Good news everyone, Thursday Night Football is back in action!
Today we have a great game, as AFC titans clash as the Oakland Raiders face the San Diego Chargers. On the fence and worried you will pick the wrong team in your pick em leagues? Have no fear! I will help you pick the right team for tonight's big game.
Offensively, the Raiders are one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. The team is led by a rising young quarterback Derek Carr. DC can make all of the throws and handles the blitz well. The Raiders have done a solid job building around him as well, as they added rookie Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree this offseason.
Defensively, the Raiders have a long way to go, but are heading in the right direction. The team struggles against the pass due to a weak set of corners, but have one of the best pass rushing units in the NFL. Aldon Smith, Justin Tuck and Khalil Mack are relentless on 3rd down.
Due to the lack of weapons on the Chargers side of the ball, I think it's smart to go with Oakland on this one.

Who do you think will win tonight's matchup: The Raiders or The Chargers?

I like how this went into overtime
I really feel bad for the chargers at this point. The raiders at least have young talent to build around.