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Truly one of the greatest animes and mangas of all time!! The story tells of our own world problems if you look deep enough. A father who left his sons to fix the problems of the world. Two sons who made a major mistake and were befriended by so many NAKAMA to help them fix their mistake and further their journey to continue to help others. A loving and caring childhood friend/future wife. As well as the 7 deadly sins we humans live with every day and have to keep in check to continue on the right path to better this country and change the corruption from the top. Work with others and don't keep everything in, there are amazing and kindhearted people in this world who want to do the same. If we can all come together ( ALL IS ONE, ONE IS ALL) we can make something that's like a dream for the future generations to enjoy!! Protect your NAKAMA and keep them close because they're the ones who will stand by you when you need it the most!
@NinjaMouse awesome to hear NAKAMA!! Same here! It's so poetic in the human ways and just an all around great anime. It's no wonder it was rated the #1 anime twice in japan!!
this is an amazing anime. Its definitely in my top 10.