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As a kid, one of the highlights of our day in between classes was "shooting the dozens."
Basically me and my friends would hop out of class and pop jokes on each other. It was the ultimate stare down until the other person blinked. Apparently we were pretty good at it, as the entire football team used to huddle around us as we went off. It was all in good fun, and really helped me learn not to take everything someone says so seriously.
Today, Mark Wahlberg & Will Ferrell linked on BBC Radio Show 1 for the ultimate "shooting the dozens" battle.
The hilarious segment was done to promote their new movie Daddy’s Home.
Some of my personal favorites include, “You’re a poor man’s Mike Myers,” “If I was on a desert island and had a choice between eating a Wahlburger or a raw, dead fish, I’d eat the dead fish,” and, “You smell like baby barf."

What was your favorite joke they let loose during the segment?