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The time for voting is right around the corner and many people are on the fence on who to to cast their vote for.
A new voter app named "Voter" is about to change the game by helping everyone figure out which politician fits their needs the best.
So how’d the Voter App come to being? TechCrunch reports:
The service has 24,000 users and the company is raising capital.
“The platform we developed only recently became possible. Thanks to new open data initiatives, we now have access to up-to-the-minute political data,” said Scarborough. “This allows us to take an unbiased numbers-based approach that other political tools lack. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, we hold politicians accountable to their actions, analyzing candidates’ voting records, public agenda, personal views, speeches, and more.”
Voter is aimed at millennials who are political active. It’s basically a way to get up to speed on various candidates in a few seconds, a valuable proposition in this era of always-on news.
In regards to style design, the app grabs a fair amount of influence from Tinder. This could really be useful for members of the baby-boomer generation. Those who want to see the app for themselves can catch the product here.
@nicolejb This is cool but is so open to potential manipulation based on devlopers personal bias. How did it work?
Hmm I can't tell if their is a bias (but obviously there is one) @InPlainSight there is also just a lot of confirmation bias if that makes sense. it's just affirming my views instead of asking me to think about two opposing sides I will have to say so far it's pretty awesome though. it gives little brief summaries about the two opposite sides and why they think that @ButterflyBlu, helps me decide things mostly
How did you like it, @nicolejb?
Oh man this could be an awesome educational tool. @inplainsight have you seen this?! I'm going to check it out right now