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I feel really really really bad that I haven't been active on Vingle lately! I'm lucky I've had time to read/like cards I've been tagged in, much less comment on them or make my own! :( The first card I've been able to do in almost a month was the Christmas one I posted yesterday!
The holidays are crazy for me (I work in hospitality/restaurant) with Christmas parties n such, and things have finally slowed down the past couple of days. I am SOOOO backed up on challenges it's not even funny. I do plan on getting to at least some of them, I promise!!!
I just have to make it until the first of the year, though with how this winter has been (mild and absolutely NO SNOW) that might not be too difficult.
I still feel awful though. I haven't been ignoring my Kpop Vingle family, I swear! I've just barely had time to sleep...there have been days I just want to take a page out of Suga's book and fall asleep anywhere, anytime I get the chance.
And on a funnier note...this has happened. ...the Hyundai ads have been in Korean...
@Kieuseru OK at least your here now
@DestinaByrd aww...don't cry! *big hug* I'm back now!
I missed you -cries-
good thing now that youre back!