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So, I know it's a little late. I figured it was time to start working through the Challenges I've been tagged in through the month of December that I FINALLY have time to get to! ...Kinda... So, to start, lovebug challenge!
#1: Selfie! Normally I don't post a lot of pics of myself online, but I figured what the heck. I'm not great at taking selfies...and probably didn't help I was kinda cold when I took it! (hence the hood) But the cold gives me a chance to wear one of my BTS Christmas presents: a Suga sweatshirt!! (says Suga on the back)
#2: Dream Crush
Do I have to choose??? But if I have to choose just one...I'll take Key please. First ever bias/celebrity that just drew me in (though GD was a very, very, very, VERY close second)
#3: Current Status
Single and loving it! Never had a serious boyfriend or anything, don't feel I need one. If I find someone, great! If I don't, well that's just fine too.
#4: Most Romantic Memory:
Don't have one, sorry! Comes from not really having any real serious relationships. So I'm gna take door number two...
#4: Best gift for the holidays: I will take this one tho! Maybe not best gift, but one of the best memories. When my sister and I were younger, my parents got us both roller blades for Christmas. We knew about them, because we picked them out and made sure they were the right size.
Come Christmas morning, we knew which boxes held the roller blades...or so we thought...The boxes were heavy, about the right weight to have the skates in them. My sis and I opened them....to find a block of wood. With a pair of earrings. The blades? In the big, giant box that was about three feet tall in the corner that we had no idea what it was.
Maybe not BEST gift, but one of the best memories.
#5: What do you look for in a partner
Someone who understands me and my need for independence. I don't want someone who thinks they can control every aspect of my life and what I do. I need space, I need quiet. And as long as they understand that, we'll get along just fine. They also have to remember I have a quick temper, and the stupidest, littlest things can annoy me and set me off. But I also want someone I can talk to, hang out with, who can make me laugh, who'll be there when things get tough and I need a shoulder to cry on.
...I'm not difficult to get along with..not at all... (note the sarcasm)
Tagging my taggers...and the original challengers...and a few others :D
@VeronicaArtino well, I didn't have a romantic memory to share, because I've never had a serious relationship. So I took the Christmas path, because that memory is one I still have years after the fact. I liked this year's Christmas, too. I got BTS merch, and some really cute kitty chopsticks that i just adore!
we sound similar, love the card! Locket forever!!
Love the hoodie!! And I've had my eye on key for about a month or two now and I officially fell in love with him after I saw a video of him from some interview where he was super sassy and throwing shade at the interviewer , I was like yup he's definitely on my list😂😂and I'm the same with relationships (mainly because I've been in a couple that weren't taken seriously) I could care less if I meet someone that's good but I'm more than happy being single(plus it keeps me free to marry GD 😂) but seriously
@myguardian aww...thank u!
Great card with obvious confidence & independence. The honesty is nice to because at least you are aware of your flaws and awareness is what helps people improve or do things differently. No one needs a partner because the emptiness & void can be filled with family & friends. Partners are a bonus for a life time companion & for maternal reasons. Thank you for sharing 😊
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