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Rick Ross is tired of people talking about the Drake-Meek Mill beef.
During a sitdown with XXL, the "teflon don" spoke up on the matter. Ross argues that despite the hype on social media, the beef is nowhere near the type of beefs we have seen in the past in rap culture.
“We might be from two different eras or something. We lost B.I.G. in that era. We lost 2Pac in that era. So to say, Jay and Nas when you discussing Drake and Meek, I think is disrespectful. That was an entirely different type of energy. That’s what I believe, unless I’m seeing something… I must be just, fuckin’, I don’t know. But by the time I heard of the Meek and the Drake situation, um, you know they told me that Meek hadn’t dropped nothing real and Drake had let two records go. They told me, it was cool and I was like, that’s it. Moved on.” said Ross during the interview.

Do you think the Drake & Meek Mill beef is comparable to the Jay-Z vs. Nas beef?

@LarryOField i agree
No where near Jay and Nas beef.
No way even close..
I don't think it is comparable at all. I just I think it was more noticeable because of social media
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