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Over the past couple of years, Young Jeezy has made the transition from a trap star to one of the most politically charged rap artists in the music industry.
Yesterday, Jeezy joined Don Lemon to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2016 election on CNN. One of the main talking points was Donald Trump. Jeezy feels that the candidate is running to increase his financial status.
The rapper also claimed that Donald Trump is only running for entertainment purposes and to support his brand.
“Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, right now to me, are class acts in my book,” he said. “You got someone like Donald Trump. Whether he wins or loses, Trump is doing this for his brand. You’re sitting back watching someone who should have been out of the race a long time ago based on his actions and everything he does bumps him up in the race because people love it. This is America, we love entertainment. This is no different than his reality show…When I see Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, I see people that actually care about the people”

Do you think Donald Trump's main reason for running is to spread awareness of his companies and make more money in the long-run?

With the way he goes off, I can agreed with that. Everyone knew who he was.. Now he is a household name being dropped all the time.. Not only in America..
Trump has been notorious for having a certain disregard for a great deal of politicians. Yet he tends to do business in the end. It's a win win senerio with him and either way, statically well played from his perspective. He doesn't care he's pocketing votes because he doesn't fully believe in the system himself probably.