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What Better way to say Merry Christmas than worn a got7 appreciation card.
Jackson brought me into got7, I tried so long fighting because I didn't want to fall helplessly in love with yet another boy group that I will never meet. But alas it was a loosing battle since I have fallen too deep into the fandom to escape.
I may be a little markson biased because shortly after falling into the igot7 status Mark appeared out of no where trying to steal my heart like * Hey girl I know you want me. Every lady wants a piece of me.* Even though I feel old liking this group because the oldest ( Mark) is almost a year younger than me I was born Dec. 92 and Mark is Sep. 93 .
You can never get enough of got7 no matter what you do they will follow you trying to get out of their lane with every new thing they do! Once you are in there in no escape!
But is that really such a bad thing? I mean just look at these adorable goof balls how could you not fall for them.
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy new year ( Happy holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas) I hope you awake to what you wished for. ( Everyone knows you wished for your bias under you're tree I know I did ) Hope you have a wonderful time!!!