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Happy Holidays everyone I love you all from my old friends to ones I have only just met XD @Shannonl5 You are always loads of fun with your epic cards and fun contests lol Thanks for all the support and advice! @SamTheMallow Together we are the Dinamic Duo of the Mercs with Mouths XD Our legendary banters will go down in history as some of the most epic and funny. @Mymi Always a joy talking with you about this and that XP @LAVONYOR Thanks for uniting me along side my fellow loud mouth mercs lol Keep in rocking and good luck on your journey. @Nicolejb You are so supportive and it means so much to me. Thank you so much, hope you love your character in my comic because you'll see a lot of her soon XP @BrittanyBaldwin You were the very first one to support my my comic on Vingle and will always be greatful. You'll be seeing your batty self really soon too xD @QueenSkitz Happy Yule, keep working hard on your book and I'll be right here if you need me XP @ButterflyBlu Love running to you on random cards lol thanks for all the support with everything @RyanOgg I will see you soon bro XD @DarthRevan You rock man I hope you never change xD @BeannachtOraibh Love being tagged in all your cards and joking around with you xD Don't think I forgot my MwM buddies lol Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone @MichaelOgg  @SamTheMallow  @BeannachtOraibh  @JoshuaGraston  @Kirooken  @shannonl5 @jak91 @trin1991 @jonathanbellamy @sammsosa @lostpastaproxy @elijah101 @XxChato03 @peahyr @KaitlinUlrich @LigerP @CarissaLeal @Kazukisolanon @KristianHampton @DustinAtkinson @txSuspect214 @MotherEffinPoe @redapple615 @shogu12s @DLowLewis @nobankai @S92pk @IsaacAmbrose @TambryInskeep @MotherEffinPoe @LAVONYORK @Rafamike @JonathanBellamy @trin1991 @JoshuaGraston @Namrow @brandongromala @Jak91 @Fallout14 @SamTheMallow @CandaceJordan @DarthRevan @MelvinManning @Calanator @twistedreaper6 @MichaelOgg @Kirooken @DerpyPantz @Lawlpool @kenjutsu101 @electica @SterlingH89 @Jak91 @kuzuri96 @MichelleHolly @Taigara @Zeta @CodyBunting @chuyslim @AutummUmphries @EmmaLeaBell @JrGrimes @idonthaveoneema @Kirooken @Bakuman247 @buddyesd @lostpastaproxy @sammsosa @amobigbang @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh
@QueenSkitz It was ok, a little in eventful XP
@QueenSkitz oh lol I found the perfect tool to color Kitkat today XP
aweaomesause xD
@shannonl5 I'll have to go see it then XP
@shannonl5 I heard my brother went and saw it with some friends lol how was it?
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