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The Colts are 6-7 at the moment, and are feeling a lot of pressure as their playoff hopes lay in the balance.
After adding Frank Gore and Andre Johnson in the offseason, many thought the Colts would have taken the next step this year, but things have turned for the worse. Earlier this week, Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton addressed the lack of production for the offense and criticized the play calling of their new offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski.
"Donte [Moncrief], me, Phil [Phillip Dorsett], we're fast guys, and we're not going down the field like how we're supposed to be," Hilton said. "Running stick routes, chain routes, we can we do that, but at some point you have to take your shot and get the defense going back. The throws have been there, but we haven't been calling them."
Chuck Pagano did not care for receiver T.Y. Hilton's critical comments.
"We have a sign in the locker room that says what you see and hear in here stays here," Pagano said Thursday. "I don't think anybody should air our dirty laundry outside this building, to be quite frank and honest with you."

Does Chuck Pagano have a point? Should Hilton have kept those comments in-house, or is Hilton in the right by addressing an issue openly?

The Colts have so many issues right now that I think it might have been a good idea to complain publicly. Clearly the coaching staff have failed to solve most if the problems in the locker room, so maybe Hilton felt like that was his great option.
@KyleBerke I also agree