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It's Christmas Eve and I've been cooking with my mom all day. The food is almost done, I just need to make the stuffing...
After breaking cooking scissors, a knife, a cup, some crayons, a pencil sharpener, cookie cutters, and a lotion bottle, I almost set the house on fire. I turned on the wrong burner and the thing on top of that burner was burning and smoking, but we took care of it before it got too messy and went up in flames. Everything good. I actually didn't eat much food. I opened my present and I got a Bambam poster! I'm super tired. I need my sister to go to sleep so I can put stuff in stockings and put of some presents. I might watch Tazza: The Hidden Card. That's a Christmas movie, right? There's snow at the end.
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Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful day! I hope you enjoy your wonderful Bambam poster!
Merry Christmas! I've done that too with the burner, oh what fun right? ^^
@KellyOConnor So much fun
Lol aww you sound just like RapMon and thank God it didn't end in a fire! yay BamBam is too cute! good for you!
hope you have/had a wonderful christmas