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he wants to get wasted
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@VeronicaArtino well I know in the suburbs it's essential to have a car, busses run on the hour and that's on weekdays. Plus my mom wasn't trying to be my chauffeur.
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@SunnaWalo I mean in Florida you need a car to get anywhere. to hot to wait for the bus, or being biking. Plus you need to cross a bridge to get anywhere important. lol plus again my grandparents where looking for me to be a chauffer for my younger siblings.
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does this mean he plans on getting his license then immediately after he, Hoseok, and Jimin go out on a bender?
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first things I wanted to do as an adult was see an R rated movies, buy cigarettes, and vote. Then at 21 I wanted to buy my own alcohol.
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"Anything you want to do when you're older?" **Jungkook points to Jimin** Me: jikook is real.
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