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My #1 group would have to be BigBang. They were the first kpop group I had ever listened to, and they were so good that I had to give it a chance. My bias in BigBang is G-Dragon, and my first song that I had ever heard of by them was Monster; which I found by ringtone as I was trying to find Monster by nightcore.
My #2 is f(x) because they are the reason I decided to give girl groups a chance. I used to really hate girl groups because most of them always at some point go for a sexy concept, which made me feel so awkward since I am a little unicorn dancing on rainbows. My bias in f(x) is Amber because she is so different and I just really like her style. My first song by f(x) was either hot summer or electric shock
My #3 is BTS because they are the group that officially made me kpop trash. I used to take kpop as just another genre, I wasn't all that into it. After listening to BTS, I was done for. My bias would have to be Yoongi, I don't know why, but he is. My first song by BTS was Just one day.
My #4 is TeenTop because I just really like them, and I love all of there songs. My bias is L. Joe because he is so short and cute, and we share the same birthday. My first song by TeenTop was Rocking.
My #5 group is Block B because they are my go to group when I'm upset or stressed, I don't know why, but they just are. My bias in Block B is Jihoon, and my first song by them was Very Good.
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