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Jibarito Dal铆 lolol
1) What name do you go by: Kemuel or jibarito lol 2) Background: I am Puerto Rican 3) Favorite Latin Food: verduras con bacalao, arroz con gandules, y pasteles!! 馃槏馃槏 4) Favorite music genre: I really don't have a specific genre, I love many. 5) Which celebrity do you get mistaken for? Mr. Worldwiideeee ! (Pitbull) 6) What do you miss most about being a kid? Being back home in Puerto Rico and just living a carefree life. 7) When was the last time you were nervous? When I traveled to Switzerland by myself, I didn't know a drop of German. 8) If you can date any Latino/a in the world, who would it be? Tough question, I'd say someone worth investing my whole self into. 9) Favorite Latin drink: Pi帽a Colada (virgin) 10) What's your favorite part of the Latino culture? The people!! Latin people are some of the kindest and selfless people on earth, and we are so loving!
@jazziejazz weeeje that's awesome!! You have great taste then jejeje :)
hola... we love same foods.....
@alywoah it was my pleasure! Thanks, I hope you and your fam are having a great time esta noche. P.S. I won't even lie, I make a really good pi帽a colada.
Weeee you're amazing! Thank you so much for doing the challenge. I hope you and yours are having an amazing Noche Buena. I haven't had a pina colada in so longg
Great idea on creating this challenge @alywoah