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Thank you for reading my stories I hope you enjoy them. Well let's have more fun with Jhope and the wrecker.
It's been three months since JHope moved in with me. It's have been fun living with him. I still tease him about seeing him naked. He blush when I ever bring that up. We have became closer then we ever where. I could tell him anything, and lay on his lap with out the awkwardness. It's almost time for graduation, and we are excited. "Oh my god I can't believe that we are graduating college." He said looking at me. I was laying on his lap watching a movie. I smiled looking at him, "Yea that's means we will be college graduates." I said jumping up. He smile, "Yea I can't wait to see my parents face when they see me cross the stage." He said imagining seeing there smile. "Oh did you hear?" He said looking at me. "What's?" I asked. "There a new resident that just moved in." He said. I looked at him, Why would he like to know what New person moved in. "Why do you care?" I asked. "I don't I just thought you would like to know." He smiled. He got up and went to the kitchen. He open the frigerator , "How come we never have something to eat." He said. I shrugged my shoulders. When you are studying for exam you don't have time to cook or go grocery shopping, you just simply get takeout. I went to my room and got dress. I came out JHope looked up at me, "Where are you going?" He asked. I smiled squeezing his cheeks, "We don't have food, and I don't feel like takeout tonight so I'm going to the grocery store." I said walking towards the door. "Hey don't forget to get some soju!!" He yelled at I walked out. As I walked out I bumped a guy. I looked up at him and was surprise
**Chanyeol POV** "Hey Tao do we have milk?" I yelled. "We should, mom said she just brought a couple of days ago." He said while playing in the front room. I closed the frigerator door, I place my hand to my head. **Three months ago** I was happy that my mom and my brother moved back to Korea. I was also happy that's I don't have to stay with them. my family can kinda be ignoring sometimes. My uncle (My mom baby brother.) Daesung had moved back in my grandparents house. So hell is going to break lose. See my uncle went and married this poor girl, (My family is rich plus we are a traditional family.) they had a baby boy. Well the woman who he had fell hard for was no other then a gold digger. She tried to divorce him and take the family company. But since my grandmother knew that already she passes the head of the company to Tao (my older brother) But before my brother new about it my mother left Korea to go to Hong Kong. Yea so it's nothing but craziness, that what I moved out to my own apartment. A least I thought until Tao decide to move in and my mother makes me have him to live with me. **Present day** I grabbed my jacket and headed towards the door. "Hey if you leaving, can you buy me some snacks I'm running low." He yelled. I smacked my lips and open the door. With out realizing it, I had bumped in to somebody. "Oh my sor-" I said when I turned around. I was in shock to see it was the girl I ran into at the airport.
**Note take out the old and put in the new (this is for those that didn't get it. I'm saying is please use this pic as if two young people are talking and one is a girl and the other is a boy kk.)** **Y/N POV** "Uhm, Hi again." I said awkward. He looked at me and nurses pointed. "Hello are you just going to stand there pointing at me or say hi." I said. "Oh, I'm sorry, Uhm how do you know where I live?" He asked. I pointed at my apartment door, "Uhm because I live here. Really I'm not a stalker." I said pushing pass him. I really couldn't just had said that to me. UGH!! asshole, I thought to myself. I got in the elevator, he came in and I looked at him. "Oh I'm going down to." He said. I just rolled my eyes at him. I walked in the grocery store, I grabbed some food so I can cook. I was walking down the aisle when I bumped in to the asshole again. "If you like me just say so." He said with a smile. I push him out of my way and kept on shopping. When I got to the cashier, "That will be ₩45,000. ($38.50)" The cashier said. I pulled out my wallet. I looked inside and saw I had only ₩20,000 ($17.07). I looked the stuff I bought and I knew I had to put back the soju. Right before I was about to asked can I put back the money. "Here put all of this together." He said to the cashier. I turned and looked at him. "You don't even know I am and I don't even know you." I said angrily. "Can you not do that I'll just take off the soju." I said to the cashier. "My name is Chanyeol. And put that on my card." He said to me and the cashier. The cashier packed up our stuff. I grabbed my bags and head out first. "At least can I get a thank you." Chanyeol yelled. I was so mad that I couldn't even breathe. The thing is I wasn't mad at him but at myself. UGH why so he have to move next to me. I said walking out.
whew part 4 is done thank god. Lol what is going on with Chanyeol and us. lol well stay toon to the next part and you'll see lol @Emealia @KellyOConnor @AimeeH @amandamuska @KpopGaby please tag thanks love yall