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I am still align to Marvel lol So let me, the Merc with the mouth tell you a story lol. This Super Man shirt made my day. However Deadpool, you made my life off of the simple fact that whenever I wear my Deadpool shirt, people say awesome Spider-Man shirt! Yup So, I went outside today, and this guy saw my Superman shirt and flat out asked me why was my Superman logo bleeding. So my reply, "I had kryptonite in my back pocket and now I am mourn his lost." The whole store started cracking up! That actually turn my frown upside down. Sometimes the silliest things can make your day and the day of others. Countless people laughing and just being happy during the holiday daze drain. With that being said Happy Holidays to my Mercs with Mouths, I might not be on too much tomorrow if I decide to visit family for holiday. I know , adult decisions! To see Mom or not to see mom. That is the question ... It's not like she is totally giving me a cool gift or something. I mean to her the fact that she allowed me to be a princess for my childhood is a gift. Mom, I'm an Empress bestow thy gift of new Marvel related shirts featuring Sir Wade Winston Wilson of the bourgh of thy Manhattan. (yeah I just casually said Manhattan is mine ) Anyway, being apart of the Vingle Marvel Community has been awesome and I am happy that @shannonl5 gave me a spot for the Mercs with mouths, I call all you guys early Christmas gifts. Each one of you are very unique and bring something different and I love that. Thank you for just simply being you.
Deadpool Eve Christmas Trailer If I can get my hands on the Christmas on when it comes out during Basketball (I'm a sports fan) I will even record it with my phone
Omg so funny. ^.^ 💜
What a weird question to ask XD love your response
@LAVONYORK that's the effect you have on us, you make us smile too :D
That would be cool the make your own, give the shirt extra boom! Deadpool boom!
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