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Santa is coming to town tonight so I expect quite a few of you are tucked into your bed and really getting into the holiday spirit with your most favorite Christmas movie! least thats what I'm doing and I gotta tell you, it feels great. Now if only I had some baileys...
Anyway....... out of all the Christmas movies out there (and there is a TON) my all time favorite is THE GRINCH!
Yes, yes, I know, its totally basic. But to be honest, I use to be kind of a Grinch myself (blame the stupid angsty teen years), so he was my homeboy.
Dr. Suess is pretty much amazing and all the crazy toys and machines and outfits in the movie are really just out of this world! And the Grinch is HYSTERICAL!
Also I totally learned how to make my hair look like a "whoooo" using only a water bottle and a hair tie.
So, because of my Grinchness I feel like I have been leaving out so many awesome Christmas movies so I am asking my Vingle friends;

Whats your favorite Christmas Movie!?

@JamiMilsap I've never actually seen that one!!! My friend loves it thooooo! Maybe I'll have a movie marathon and watch that next
Muppets Christmas Carol
"Trading Places"! Eddy Murphy's first major film also starring Dan Aykroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis. Super funny...