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It's that time of year again and I get to hear the bigoted rantings of a stereotypical "Christian" relative....joy I suppose I've made my sexuality clear by now, well I have an aunt who just won't accept it, and here's how I deal with it: 1st I ignore her. If that doesn't work (and it usually doesn't, I gotta face it, ignoring her just does not work.) 2nd: when she starts using her religious beliefs to shame me into what she wants me to be (she usually says things like "the bible says...." or "but God said.....")I usually use her religious ideology against her, but all I know about what God & the bible have to say is this: on God saying this or that "he without sin shall cast the first stone" and I don't know it exactly but, it goes on to say we're all sinners, every single human being, all of us, even those of us who practice a religion. As for what's in the bible, actually printed in it, about us as a community, all LGBT anywhere, a whole bunch of nothing! Then I add that if she wanted to be a true Christian, as in biblical principles, she should throw rocks at my mom and grandma because it says divorced women should be stoned. But she doesn't because its considered an outdated idea, and in an age where same sex marriages are once again allowed shouldn't the homophobia that hypocrites justify in the name of their God be outdated as well?
The Bible says nothing about homosexuality. Ask your Aunt to read the damn text and find out for herself.
I didn't know that! Learned something new. :D
Ask her if she knows that Israel, the country of the people who wrote the Bible, is the most gay friendly country in the world.
I tell her that every time.... she usually calls me a "godless sinner" & says I don't know anything. Joke's on her though, I do know what I'm talking about, because I have one Christian friend who has told me all of this. She can pass judgment all she wants....she'll have to explain it when her time comes.