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Can I please get this with a ribbon on it under my tree Santa.. I been a good girl all year..
There are not enough words in English or Korean to express how much I love this man..
This gaze is lethal.. I can never look to long..
His bingu moments are my fav.. I love how carefree and self aware top is.. He loves just bring himself at all times.. I hope that part of him never changes...
Merry Christmas Choi seung Hyun.. I hope you and family are enjoying the holiday.. Be happy and be healthy Oppa. And sarangheee top-ssi ⛄
I would love nothing more than to wake up on Christmas morning and find him under my tree! Bless that man!
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Dat ass
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@DyaMoon01 @HuonTreeRoo @Jiyongixoxo @KatieRussell I'm glad we're all on agreement that my TOP is amazing... Because he is... 💯💯
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I would love to have TOP for Christmas.
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my....goodness....THAT BOOTY! I just love him and his random moments :) just makes me smile :) and yes those eyes are lethal someone needs to put some warning signs on those beautiful things ;)
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