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To continue the story: Part 2 WARNING: MATURE LANGUAGE AHEAD!
I was walking down the street, not really going anywhere in particular, I was letting my feet guide the way. I was too busy in my thoughts. I was never going to live up to peoples standards. I was too skinny, Not pretty enough, Stupid, couldn't do anything right. Everyone used to say I was anorexic and then my parents were forced into the equations. They didn't really care but they had to do something because of the school. I would make sure I ate at school in front of people and then when I still didn't gain any weight there was another rumor that I was bulimic. Why was it so bad for me to be skinny naturally? Wasn’t that the ideal type? Skinny? I hated being too skinny, I felt helpless. You could see my bones but not too much and my boobs were tiny and I hated that. I just hated the way I looked. There was a scar right above my eyebrow from an accident that I don’t even remember because it was when I was young. This little scar was something I always thought added to my ugliness. My parents were never home and they really didn't care. Maybe because they thought that I didn’t have a problem. If they would have just sat down and talked to me then they would see more to me. Not just thinking people were jealous. My “Friends” didn’t help ever and they just made me feel worse. Being alive was too much work, why do I have to fight to stay in a place I hate. I could just end my life tonight. Who would care? No one would miss me. I finally decided in that instant to do it. Why wait and be stuck here any longer. I quickly decided to just jump off of a building. That would be quick and easy. I just had to jump, no way it could fail. I quickly wiped my tears away and started looking for at the buildings. I saw someone walking to the doors of one that was high enough to make sure I didn’t survive. I quickly ran towards the building. Right before the lady got to the door I bumped into someone. I ignored them and continued to the building. The lady exited and I quickly went in. I didn’t know if the door was locked but I wasn’t taking the chance that I couldn’t get in. I ran to the stairs and started taking them 2 at a time. I burst through the roof door. Catching my breath I started walking towards the ledge. I stepped on the ledge and felt the cold wind smack my face. I looked down, I could do this! I took a few breaths and moved so half of my feet were over the edge. “Goodbye” I whispered and I closed my eyes and jumped. “NO!” I heard and I felt my body get jerked, and I felt pressure around my arms. I opened my eyes. I was dangling over the edge. Within a second I was back on the roof top away from the edge. I stood up. “WHAT THE FUCK!” I turned to face the person “Why would you kill yourself?” “IT’S NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!” “Well I made it my business” “FUCK OFF! Go find someone else to save!” I started running towards the ledge again. He grabbed me and held me tight against his chest. “I’m not letting you kill yourself!” He said fighting against me trying to get away. “Let me go!” I started crying. Why was this stranger interfering! I could be dead right now if he wouldn’t have come and saved me. “You’ll hurt a lot of people.” “No I won’t, No one cares!” “I doubt that” I had enough I wanted to be free from this guy’s grip so I started fighting against him harder. Finally I broke free of being against his chest he still had his hand on my arm. “Leave me be.” I finally had calmed down enough. “I can’t leave a pretty girl like you alone, Sorry.” I laughed, right saying lies to me, trying to get me to believe them, good luck buddy. “I’m not pretty nice lie.” “I don’t lie. Let me be in your life to prove it.” “No.” Is all I could say. Without warning he pulled me close to him and kissed me on my lips. What the hell! I pushed him off. “Don’t fucking touch me!” “I’m sorry you’re too beautiful I couldn’t help but kiss you! You need to see it! Let me be the one to show you.” “I don’t even know you.” “Well I’ll tell you my name if you promise you’ll let me get to know you and prove that you are beautiful and you won’t kill yourself.” “I don’t want to be here anymore.” “I Agree let’s get off this roof.” He started to pull me towards the door. “No in this world.” “Let me show you reasons to stay in this world, just give me the chance to show you.” Tonight was a bust! I finally figured out a way to get rid of the pain and this guy comes along. I had been quiet for too long and just looking at him, when he started talking. “I’m you’re Angel I’m you’re Hope I’m J-Hope!” He smiled and I genuinely smiled back at him. “Fine I’ll let you try to show me. I’m (Y/N)" With that he pulled me back down the staircase and out of the building.
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love it
I love it! Are you gonna continue it?
I have read this . How come i did not comment . Anyway ! Its awesome .
@janellym123 Yea the way the story was going I couldn't pass it up lol
I LOVE WHEN HES SAYS "Im your angel Im your hope" SO ADORABLE
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