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Sorry it has taken me so long to upload it, but here it is. I'm posting the first two chapters as well. Chapter 1: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1241303?shsrc=v Chapter 2: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1249060?shsrc=v
Chapter 3: The BonFire The girls walked towards the front of the store as a few girls who noticed them from school started snickering, and talking about her loudly; at how Aimee fell. Laughing, she could feel the tension of her sisters. After she handed the clerk the money, she noticed that she would have to speak loudly to them. "Excuse me girls?" They looked at her puzzled, "What do you want peasant?" Snickering, Aimee furrowed her brows, took a breath and smiled. "Before you want to talk about someone, make sure your surgery isn't a botched one; next time." She looked at her sisters mocking the girls, "Come on girls, let's leave since we have badasses here." She picked up her things and walked out the door leaving everyone puzzled as to what just happened. Bailey, Kristine, Jojo, and Arisa tried to contain their laughter, but couldn't hold it in after they walked out of the store. As they were walking towards the car, they ran up to Aimee. "Aimee! What happened? We've never seen you so brash," Kristine was curious as to how that happened suddenly; she usually never spoke like that. Aimee hugged Kristine, "I got tired of them talking about us. I had to shut them up. Everything is good, let's go Cristin our new home!" Like that they jumped in their car and drove off. . . .
Unloading the car, Bailey noticed Donggeun on his Longboard. He looked up at her and smiled; as she returned the smile to him. "Hi," he jumped off his Longboard talk to her, "Is this your place?" Bailey shook her head to his question, "Yes, we moved in today, so we're about to have a bonfire." He smiled as he was intrigued by her more. "That's cool, I live down the street actually," Donggeun pointed towards his house. "Oh, do you need help?" Bailey smiled turning down his offer, "No, I can get it but thank you for the kind offer." He snatched a few bags up and smiled at her. "Well, I'm helping anyways, so deal." As he walked in, he was greeted by Chomper. "Oh, that's our dog Chomper. He's friendly unless you hurt us, then he turns into a monster", Jojo held back laughter. Confused, Donggeun looked down at the pup wagging it's tail. He placed the bags on the counter, as Aimee started unloading the groceries. She pulled out the blender for the piΓ±a coladas, as Kristine helped her. "Oh Donggeun," Bailey walked behind him carrying the last of the bags, "Would you like a drink?" He smiled and shook his head, "Yes thank you." Aimee turned around smiling, "Donggeun, please make yourself at home, and if you need anything feel free to get it okay. We're having a bonfire and a mini cook-out. You are welcome to stay and eat; if you want." Bailey handed him a drink as they walked outside on the back porch. Arisa and Jojo tended to the grill as Aimee and Kristine were making the drinks. After they poured the drinks, they carried them to everyone out side. The pong table was set up as they would have a friendly competition of cocktail pong; after they ate. Chomper was roaming the backyard rolling in leaves, minding his own business while everyone ate and visited. Arisa and Kristine gathered up the plates, in addition to grabbing the cocktails to fill the cups. "What are they doing?" Donggeun leaned into Bailey asking quietly. "Oh that, that just means things are gonna get real; pretty quick. They are beasts at competitions. It'll be hilarious, I'm sure you'll laugh." She laughed waiting to see the game start. The lineup they chose were one eldest, and one youngest on each team.
Each of the girls took post on their side and did a shot to see who went first. Aimee and Kristine were on one team, as Arisa and Jojo were on the other. Bailey plugged the phone into the speakers to jam out while they played. Everyone did decent at the beginning but after taking the drinks, as well as drinking their regular drinks, things became interesting. Arisa became louder in volume as Jojo wanted to hug Bailey constantly. Aimee became more goofy per usual, and Kristine was more mellow. Bailey and Donggeun were watching the girls making a spectacle of the situation. Both teams won a few games each, so it was even. All of them gathered around and sat around the bonfire enjoying the night together. Their favorite songs came on during shuffle as they began dancing to them. They had not a care in the world; at that moment in time. The girls started reminiscing about old times, as well as telling stories of recent situations. Donggeun had his share of laughs as he was beginning to grow friendships with the five girls; one in particular that was stealing his heart. No one noticed the time, but Donggeun decided to leave since it was getting late. Bailey walked him out, so she could lock up as well. When they walked out on the porch, Donggeun gave her a kiss on her head; as he waved goodbye. Bailey smiled at him to wave, while she slowly closed the door behind her. This turned out to be a great night for everyone. . . .

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