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This christmas

This christmas
I dont wanna celebrate
I have yet to do any traditions
There are two holes in my holiday spirit
This christmas
Im forced to realize your not here
That christmas will never be the same again
I dont even have one of you here
This christmas
Will be the hardest
doesnt even feel like a holiday at all
All I want is you here
This christmas
I wish santa was real more than ever
Id write him a million letters asking for one thing
The two of you under the tree
This christmas
everything is changed
Im only realizing it now
I wish I wouldve been a better kid this year
This christmas
my childlike wonder is gone
My adult eyes are opened wide
but Id close them if you were here
This christmas
I realize just how much I lost
just how much I took you both for granted
and just how much I will always wish for the past
This christmas
I wont open presents
I wont watch a christmas story ten times
I wont come to your houses to see you
This christmas
I dont want a car or fancy technology
I dont want any material possession
I just want you
So this christmas
Ill make my own wish come true
Ill be alone with my memories of you
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