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Well, well, well... It's that time of the year again. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! I can't believe it's already Christmas and almost the end of December, haha. It doesn't even feel like the end of December yet! I know things get a little tough and stressful once Christmas has come (with all the Christmas shopping and preparing), but I hope you all have an awesome Christmas experience this year. Hopefully it will be fun and exciting for all of you! Also, stay safe this holiday!! ♡

Hope you all got what you wanted this year!

If not, there's always next year!! :D Enjoy all your wonderful gifts you have received!

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the ones whose birthday is today! I hope you enjoy your extra gifts and your delicious cake!

Have fun partying!

Make sure to have fun and enjoy your time while you're partying or just spending time with your friends and families. You'll definitely want to share this moment and experience with your love ones, something you don't want to forget!

Be thankful and grateful!!

Don't forget to thank your friends and families for all their hard work to prepare everything this holiday! Be grateful for all the gifts you have received!
My Grandma passed away peacefully yesterday morning in her sleep. This post reminded me of some great memories with her so thank you!
@zaperz Thank you, Hope you have a great time as well!
@iixel So sorry for your loss! But I'm very glad that this reminded you great memories. I hope you will have a wonderful time this year!~
@CreeTheOtaku Thank you. She did get all her happy holiday wishes before she passed and it is sad but l think her and my dad are finally together again. If it wasn't for my dad I wouldn't have known her sweet heart in the first place
@CreeTheOtaku Merry Christmas to you too, have a wonderful time!! ^_^
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