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Tell BTS about this!
If you click this link, you'll know what i have to say about the innapropriate comments on the Bangtan Bomb.. https://instagram.com/p/_tOiPFieli/
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I would like to know what happened but eh
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@KeziahWright ok, so like you know the Bangtan Bomb where 정국 uses the 2 toothbrushes roght? Well some ARMYs just had to go and post innapropriate comments about 정국 and the other members, things mostly about sexual things and stuff, and i think that made an offense to BTS so theyre not viewing comments anymore, and its another things thats having a bad reputation for the international ARMYs
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@KPopFandom ah OK OK that's it ah yeah I always knew about that stuff I didn't know there would be a day that it bites army's in the buts and other fandoms. too😂😂😂😂
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