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So if kids hate socks, but adults love socks, what is the sock equivalent for adults these days? I'd say boxed fragrance sets.
Swear that's all I kept telling ppl I wanted every time they'd ask. So what do you want for Christmas? Socks. Socks...? Yep, the kind with the grips on the bottom, I love those things. ....okay.... I got 3 in a pack that's different reds, and some knee high ones. I'm sadly still waiting for the grip ones 😐 but AYE!! πŸ˜πŸ‘
Merry Christmas everyone! β™‘ Happy Holidays! β–ͺΒ°β– β˜† ^-^ β˜†β– Β°β–ͺ
I actually liked socks as a kid but had thorough disappointment when I got a full on outfit. Except for this one that I was dying to wear cause the sweater and skirt reminded me of clueless. You can't imagine the amount of glory I felt when it fit AND I got to wear it out.
my aunt bought me a pair of socks for Christmas and I was the happiest bcuz I need them lol
Merry Christmas
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