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So I was trolling my tumblr at 2am Christmas Eve/Day while watching Jurassic World for the billionth time and stumbled my way to this beauty. And I thought it might be fun to share with you ARMYS! So without further ado I introduce to you BTS Would you rather! How this is going to work is you comment which number you want me to answer and I will make a card for each number/set of numbers giving you my response. If you are tagged please feel free to join me! repost this and see what others want to know about your choice. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my kpop Vingle family!!!! Kookie is soon to be an adult in Korea officially. I don't know if this noona can take him becoming 20 sooner than expected, but I ain't complaining! ;)
*Note due to size there is some overlap of the numbers there are only 19 to pick from! Source is: dramatic-and-thematic from tumblr
why dont you just do all of them, one per day? and tag bts stans do we can all talk about it! 😊
@LilySilver Thanks for the questions by the way @xojuliettexox thanks for the idea!^_^
@LilySilver I know right -_-
I probably will do one or 2 a day the hard part is deciding on my answers..... @MadAndrea
@LilySilver I Made a challenge out of them to do one each day if you want to do that ^_^ you don't have to though just thought it'd be fun to get a bunch of people doing it
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