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I want everyone to have an amazing Christmas and Happy Holidays! It may not be much to some people but this app, and the other anime lovers who have it really make my days better! So whether you're just another anime lover or one of my few fans I appreciate you all and hope you have an amazing day!!! Follow me if you'd like to stay posted with me! And now here are some of my favorite anime's Christmas themed! (Infinite stratos, HS DxD, HS of the dead, monster musume, AOT, one punch man, Heaven's lost property, and SAO!)
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man no fare I want to be tied up in a room full of hot half naked chick's tooooooooooooo.
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The last picture is really a sad moment in the show tho
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u too
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@Sexyshirolover if you want to know what anime is it, the name is infinite stratos
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