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So I need some help with my PlayStation. It keeps randomly shutting off on me and won't turn back on. I spoke with customer service and they're telling me my only course of action is servicing it. I don't want to lose my system for almost 17 business days. I've tried everything. I've shut it down and gave it time, I've unplugged it for over two hours and then it did the same thing of 10 minutes on then shut off. I can't even put it into safe mode. Has anyone else had this issue?
im having same prob
Are you sure it's properly ventilated? I kept mine in an small space and was shutting off randomly because it got so hot and wouldn't turn on until it was cool. I put it out in the open and it hasn't done that since.
I've had it since the release of destiny. And damn yeah I never thought of using a different cord. I did try all the outlets in the house and it still didn't work. Nor did I think of the local repair shop. Thanks man
How long have you had it? Try opening it up and cleaning out the dust. If that doesn't work it probably has some broken components, most likely related to its power supply. try a different cord or outlet. if not just bring it to a local repair shop.